Thursday, January 22, 2015


Magpul is clearly the market leader in polymer accessories and they are making their way in to AK furniture market. Here is the fixed buttstock, non-reinforced AK magazine, grip, and M-LOK handguard.

The more fancy version is with the folding stock, steel-reinforced magazine and longer handguard. The metal-reinforced magazine has a stud at the back so the magazine won't be damaged by repeated use. A simple and effective solution.

The AK folding stock folds to right and length of pull can be adjusted as well. It will not impede with charging handle when folded.

Longer handguard is really nice and users would have to get rid of handguard mount on AKs but this handguard is a vast improvement.

M700 Stock is nice addition that Magpul has been working on and works very similar to their shotgun stocks

You can see the are for detachable magazine reinforced with metal

D-60 drum magazine will take over larger capacity magazine. It can be loaded like a regular magazine instead of opening the back and trying to put rounds in it like the old ones. You have to use the lever that is just around where the staff's left thumb is to relieve the spring pressure.

Glock Magazine is also a nice addition(You can see PMAG Sand on the right and yes, you can paint it anyway you like it). Unlike the factory Glock magazine, it only has round window for 17th round, but the base plate makes it far better than the factory Glock mag with those tiny wings.

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