Thursday, January 22, 2015

CZ/Dan Wesson

Scorpion pistol has been generating some buzz and here is Angus Hobdell showing the bad ass expression that automatically happens when you hold the gun. MSRP is $849 and although the picture only has a 10-round magazine there are 30 round magazines for it too.

ok, one more look

Of course 805 Bren has been turned in to a pistol too and it also replaced the old European paddle magazine well with STANAG/push button magazine release. You can see 805 Bren in various configurations as well as the Scorpion

Proprietary sights are quite nice. It feels like HK's diopter sights but the ring is not in the front, but in the back and it will be inside of the front sight blades.

Another one that caught my eye was CZ 1911 A1. When the news broke out it seemed like another gun manufacturer was jumping in to 1911 market. CZ said they were making this mostly based from M1911A1 specs and is priced at mid $800s which fills Dan Wesson's lower line.

When you actually handle one it is something. The first time you rack the slide you will feel the slide moving very nice and clean. Last time this kind of feeling happened was when S&W 1911 was first introduced and I had chance to try it out. The slide and frame are really tight and finish is also pretty nice. It seems like this can be a strong contender for the basic 1911 market.

40th anniversary of CZ 75B means another anniversary version. Price is a bit over $1300 to the best of my recollection.

Dan Wesson Silverback is the new addtion to Dan Wesson line, and will go for $1883, and Valkyrie will go for $2012