Friday, October 31, 2014

Magpul Black Book series

Magpul released first of their Black Book Series, a series of books to enhance shooter's performance. The first two released are Magpul Dynamics Precision Rifle Data Book 2.0 and its accompanying Magpul Dynamics Precision Rifle Quick Reference Cards. These were available if you were enrolled in Magpul dynamics Precision Rifle Course, but now it's available to all.

Quick Reference Guide(Left) and Data Book 2.0(right)

Data Book 2.0($49.95)
This uses a simplified density altitude-based, color-coded chart to record your rifles' data across a wide spectrum of shooting conditions. It is weatherproof, and can be reused by erasing with alcohol based substances. There is a field expedient density altitude calculator, cold bore shot tracking log, known distance data confirmation pages, range cards, a point of impact shift tracker, and simple hasty hold formulas

Quick Reference Cards($19.95)
This offers quick reference range estimation sheets, checklists for building shooting positions, aids for the observer, and aids for reading wind.

From: Magpul