Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sight-Tracker Drill

Mike Pannone has a new drill up


8 shots slide lock reload and 8 more on 6", 8" square, 6"x11" A-zone and 1/4 size IPSC @ 10 yards. 7.97 clean. 6" plate must be shot first, after that it's shooters choice. I call it the Sight-Tracker drill. Virginia count, mandatory slide lock reload and the par time is 8 seconds. You have no chance of shooting it clean if you're not tracking your sights on every shot. I used different sizes and much smaller steel than you usually see to force legit accuracy at speed and force a changing acceptable sight picture and cadence. I threw in a slide lock reload because it makes you touch everything of consequence on the gun. 8 seconds clean is a USPSA hit factor of 10.