Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Iranian Fateh rifle

Asian Defence News has photos of Iran's new Fateh - Conqueror 5.56mm rifle. This seems like a copy of M4 lower and modified uppper.

Upper has charging handles on its side, and picatinny rail on top. It could possibly be a gas piston operated upper. Buttstock seems to be a copy of Magpul UBR stock.

This is not the first time Iran military has been spotted with an AR clone. A few years ago Iran Revolutionary Gurads were spotted using M16 A2 clone, possibly copied from a Norinco.

More pics at link: http://www.asiandefencenews.com/2014/09/new-iranian-tactical-weapons-unveiled.html

Another link - LiveLeak

From: Asian Defence News, LiveLeak