Monday, August 18, 2014

GNB: Glock was not the first

There are some incorrect things about some of Glock's features being the first of its kind.

1. The first polymer frame pistol - The first commercial polymer frame pistol that had some success was H&K's VP 70. It was a bit futuristic design coupled with a heavy trigger pull which ultimately sealed its fate. Ironically when Gaston Glock first made his pistol he contacted H&K to see if they are interested in making the Glock 17.

2. The first trigger safety - The trigger safety for Glock pistols was something when it came out, but the idea was already put in to production in 1880s by Iver Johnson's .32 caliber pistols. You can see photos from icollector or Armslist

What Glock brought to the market is an affordable semi-auto that is reasonably priced and reliable. When many police departments were switching their standard issue pistol from revolvers to semi-autos, Glock was the best choice considering many factors.

Glock is not going away anytime soon despite some serious competition, and has taken over the place of Browning Hi-powers. It was not the first in many things but it does a lot of things well and that's something to be proud of.

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