Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Louis Awerbuck

Louis Awerbuck, the director of Yavapai Firearms Academy passed away today. He served in 1 Special Services Battalion of the South African Defence Force, later coming to US and became an instructor for Jeff Cooper when he was leading Gunsite. He later started his own company, Yavapai Firearms Academy. Awerbuck trained many student from all walks of like and has a great reputation. To this day, I am not aware of any negative review which is an amazing feat on its own.

Here are some interviews that gives an insight to his mind.

He has been contributing to SWAT magazine for a number of years and his contributions were found near the last few pages of the magazine. They contained some very humorous observations as well as solid understanding of use of firearms and training.

Awerbuck authored several books since 1989 and you can find the list here. He also made a video with Panteao Production

From Panteao Production

And of course, he has his moments, courtesy of Pat Rogers.

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