Wednesday, June 4, 2014


G&R Tactical posted June advertisement for H&K VP9 pistol This is the striker fired pistol H&K has been working on for sometime to complete with other manufacturers. According to discussion on, the MSRP will be about $719, which would make it about $600-ish on market.

It looks a hybrid of Walther PPQ and H&K P30, with a little dash of SIG takedown lever.

Some of the features are,
-wider cocking serrations,
-protusion at the back of slide for better racking
-red striker for cocking indicator
-SIG-ish take down lever
-ambidextrous slide release

It also have various features from P30 incorporated.

According to the PDF file, it has less trigger pull (about 5.4 lbs) and has easier take-up despite longer trigger pull(0.24 inch) and reset(0.12 inch).

The target seems to indicate that the gun can group about 2 inches from 25 yards.

It comes with two 15 round magazines(or 10 round for restricted places) and optional tritium sights.