Friday, May 23, 2014

Trijicon World Shooting Championship rules posted

Trijicon WSC posted the rules for upcoming competition. Firearm choices and description of stages are given, and some stages have really long distances(1500 yard to a mile with a rifle) even for a pistol(200 yards). There are stages with single-action revolver, too.

Scoring generally follows rules set by IDPA, USPSA, and other shooting sports.

This competition could turn out to be a very interesting one. The challenge is to be able to use all kinds of firearms and the winning competitior should be someone who has all-around experience.

Some years ago, one of cable TV shooting show did a similar competition and winner was Jeery Miculek. This time it is hard to tell, but Taran Butler might give Jerry a hard time.

From: Trijicon

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