Thursday, May 22, 2014

SOFOC 2014

Gear Scout and Soldier Systems is covering SOFOC and here are some interesting gun related stuff.

Manta Rail's prototype light that is in development - It is a bit more of blockish looking than other lights on the market. Rechargable battery and has 100 lumens for about 1 hour.

KAC SR-47 - Knight's developed this rifle for SOF in late 2001 using AR mechanism but take 7.62X39 ammunition. According to the SSD military seems to be interested in this gun again. They also have a Stoner rifle, but it seems like they are really tight lipped about it

Precision Targeting RIANOV Eagle - This is a weapon mounted targeting system. It has ballistic computer with ballistic solution calculator that takes in environment and weapon system orientation.

From: Gear Scout, Soldier Systems

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