Wednesday, May 28, 2014

MAC: Choosing home defense gun

MAC's series on how to choose a gun for home defense.

However there are some points to argue about.

MAC thinks having a weapon mounted light is not recommended for a standard civilian. He is worried about user flashing children and etcetera, thus pointing the gun at some one who shouldn't be muzzled.

This is a valid concern, but at the same time this should be a reason for getting some training. You don't need to directly flash someone to identify who they are. You can 'bounce off' light by shining floor, walll, or ceiling. Most weapon mounted lights have enough spread so it can be used to identify without muzzling someone.

But this does require some training which unfortnately is missed by some segment of gun owners.

If there is one more thing to add, it's a good tritium sight. Fiber optics may work, but if you need some night time sight picture, nothing beats tritium sight.

From: Military Arms Channel