Thursday, February 27, 2014

2014 S&W Indoor Nationals

IDPA's 2014 S&W Indoor Nationals is over here are results and other goodies.

SSP: Bob Vogel
ESP: Brandon Wright
SSR: Josh Lentz
ESR: Jerry Miculek
CDP: Glenn Shelby
High International: Miguel Angel Sanchez
High Junior: Weston Land
High Senior: Jim Martino
High Lady: Randi Rogers

Photos from Day 2, Day 4

1: Mike's Blind
2: Cover Model or Pro Shooter?
3: Warehouse Intruders
4: Daytime Drug Raid
5: Night Time Drug Raid
6: Gunstore Hold-up
7: Escape from the hospital
8: At the Salon
9: Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition
10: Plumb Dangerous
11: Rescue the Scientist
13: Camping in the Deadly Woods
14: Boating Down the Deadly River

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