Saturday, January 18, 2014


R51 pistol is the centerpiece of Remington this year. It is a single stack pistol using Pedersen action. There are no sharp edges anywhere when you grab the gun, and ergonomics is great. For those who seek a CCW piece this would be a great contender.

The exterior design invoke a bit of classic design many would associate with automobiles of decades ago and it seems to be its appeal. Unfortunately, Remington did not bring it to Media day and that doesn't help with writing about how it shoots. Cycling the slide may feel a bit different compared to a 1911 or modern semi-autos. Looking forward to how market will receive this. Retail price will be just above $400

They already have Crimson Trace Laser grip in development and it will be available in the 2nd quarter. MSRP for the laser is $229.

20/20 is similar to Tracking Point except that it allows trigger to be pulled even though the aim might be off. Remington is working on AR version of this technology too.