Friday, January 3, 2014

Remington R51

Remington announced some time ago about R51. It is now revealed that it's updated version of Remington Model 51, utilizing Pedersen action.

Some point of interest
- currently made for 9mm, will have .40S&W version
- 7+1 capacity
- Single Action with internal hammer, grip safety
- dehorned everywhere
- MSRP is $389

According to specification by The Firearm Blog, it's size is going to be competitive in CCW pistol market.

Remington is taking a hint from S&W Shield marketing and has been working with some holster makers was well as Crimson Trace to provide holsters and other accessories necessary as soon as the gun hits market in February.

Here's video of Gunblast testing it out

How Pedersen action works in R51(from Tactical Life)

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