Saturday, January 18, 2014


41 is the new 5 inch barrel .45 ACP. It sports same slide width as G17 something previously seen with G30s. It uses slide similar to G34 but the top does not have opening on it. Very nice to shoot, with Gen4 frame.

42 is the .380 acp pistol that is coming out. It is different from 25 and 28 since it is recoil operated, not blowback like 25 and 28. Surprisingly easy to shot and probably the best trigger and felt recoil in .380 compact pistols. Made completely in their Smyrna, Georgia factory.

While a lot of people were dismayed by the fact that this is a .380 it seems like Glock will have no problem selling these. It has great potential to serve a good portion of CCW market.

Furthermore as it is made in US, it is easier to export to other countries. Personally wondering if Glock is using this as a test to see if they can make a single stack 9mm version. Glock didn't have to make a new design(recoil operated) but they did.