Saturday, January 18, 2014

Desert Tech

Desert Tech MDR is a new bullpup rifle. It is still 1 year or so away from hitting the market and they brought out some models that showed it's details.

First, it is ambidextrous. Bolt lock, magazine release are accessible from right and left. Magazine release is located on above trigger, and bolt lock is just behind the magwell. At the moment it is easier to push the bolt release then to use it to lock the bolt back. Hopefully Desert Tech can address that issue.

The ejector is shaped(right above the magwell) so the empty brass would go forward no matter what. Tavor uses brass deflector to achieve that but MDR uses a cylinder shaped peice to endsure it goes forward regardless of ammo used.

Estimated MSRP is $2100 for 5.56 caliber, $2500 for 7.62 caliber