Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Larry Vickers Glock sight

Larry Vickers has been working on his new Glock sight for sometime and he posted some photos and reasons behind his design.

LAV sees 4 issues with factory Glock sights

1) they are plastic so are easily marred

2) the rear sight notch is too narrow for the front sight so there is very little to no light on either side of the front site

3) the white u notch rear site draws your attention to the rear sight vs the front site

4) with a proper sight picture the bottom 25% of the white dot on the front site is cut off so many shooters subconsciously elevate the front site in order to see a complete dot- thus shooting high

The fact they are plastic is really the least of the problems with them ; they are simply poorly designed pistol sights - period

The LAV sight is a variant of the new Battlesight by Wilson Combat. LAV prefers U notch since shooter can get side-to-side reference and alignment on the front sight. He says it works better than a flat bottomed square notch as it picks up misalignment better.

Height is same as Heinies, Warrens, so it seems like it will be possible to use front sights of those products too. Rear sight will have a hole for tritium dot.

No word on when they will hit the market, but they are getting closer.

From: Larry Vickers Facebook