Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Glock 41 and 42 is coming out

There has been rumors that Glock is coming out with new models and there is more substantial evidence. Here is Glock's ad that's been going around.

Some people adjusted brightness and found a G26 sized gun without finger grooves.

Also, mrat from Glocktalk posted on Oct. 26th that his rep said, "Glock would be coming out with a single stack fullsize .45acp and a single stack .380 in 2014."

Furthermore, Sportsmans Depot posted description of Glock 42. While no further description is given, it seems like it will cost about $412.99

Glock 41 is likely to be a Gen 4 5.3" barrel 13 round. This size is like Glock 34/35. Unfortunately the ad also (incorrectly) states that it will be 15 lbs. Price will be $645.99

According to shooter521 of IN Gun owners, Glock 41 will be,

SKU numbers are PG4130101 and PG4130103, which indicate adjustable sights, and a low-cap and hi-cap version...[snip]...my official guess is that the new Glock Model 41 is going to be an optics-ready, competition-oriented pistol to compete with the S&W M&P CORE and FNH-USA FNX-45 Tactical

It is going to be interesting as Glock fans were asking for a single stack 9mm to compete against S&W M&P and Springfield Armory's XD-s. Glock 28(.380 acp) has been available for sometime, but due to import restriction points they were not available in US. Perhaps G42 is an updated version made in USA(no import points to worry about)