Sunday, September 15, 2013

Spiegel reports on G36 problems

German newspaper Spiegel reports that German military Bundeswehr sees significant problems in G36. According to the report there are several deficiencies.

According to translation by's Zhukov,

The Bundeswehr is having grave problems with rifles and pistols used in Afghanistan.

  • A confidential report says that the standard rifle G36 loses precision when exposed to the sun and continuous fire.
  • Another internal report also mentions "significant shortcomings".
  • After firing 90 rounds at 100m, the diameter of the grouping is 50 to 60cm (20-24").
  • Synthetic parts have been identified which lose stiffness at temperatures as low as 23 degrees C (about 80 degrees).
  • When these plastic parts are heated in the sun, the point of impact shifts.

P8 also has problems with over pressure when used with certain ammo. There were barrel ruptures and other nasty incidents.

From: Spiegel,