Tuesday, August 13, 2013

USMC Combat Pistol Program video

This is a training video for the new Combat Pistol Program USMC is adopting.

Judging by this video there is a need for change in one part. During the Failure to stop drill(2:30), shooter scans behind/left/right after firing the control pair, then goes for the head/CNS.

The reason for this drill(originally known as Mozambique) was to stop the threat when controlled pair wasn't sufficient. If the controlled pair did not stop the threat there is no need to scan left/right since the threat is still there. It is better to aim for head/CNS than wasting time on scanning.

Another thing to consider is the scanning left/right, 360 degrees. It is a useful technique to break tunnel vision as well as spot more potential threat, but it also can be another movement shooters will do without much thought, instead of really checking what is behind.

In the Failure to stop drill, it seems like it is a default move after the controlled pair. It may be seen as a uniform way to incorporate scanning motion, but could lead to training scar where shooter fires just the controlled pair and scans. It is a bit far-fetched but Mr. Murphy rears its ugly head in an unfortunate time.

From: Military Clips