Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New IDPA Rule Book preview

IDPA has been working on updating its rule book and the first draft is available for review. There has been call for eliminating subjectivity and the draft seems to update some of the points.

Points to note:
SSP class now includes striker fired guns(Springfield XD)
Round dumping is no longer illegal
Shooter may reload on the move if it is emergency reload in an open area. But you cannot engage after reload until you get to cover. If you are already behind the cover, you still have to reload before moving to the next cover.
Shooter doesn't have to hug the cover. Cover is assumed to extend infintely up range.
Classifier has some changes
More flecibility for local specialty matches

You can read more about the rule change from Gun Nuts Media or Pistol-Training

From: IDPA