Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Arsenal brought out the much talked two barreled 1911. It uses two 1911s magazines side by side, has two triggers, but the same trigger action. So you can pull either one of them and it will fire. The hammer is one hammer that hits both firing pins, firing two rounds with one trigger pull. Grip safety is also one big piece.Price is going to be $4400 for basic model, $4900-ish for stainless steel model.

Strike One is the latest polymer from Russia. It has a unique look, including sights that have hole in them in place of 3 dots we are used to seeing. Currently, it is going through steps to get imported and is expected to hit the shelves late summer. Expected price is $600.

From my rough estimate, the trigger pull is slightly better than stock Glock, but the models on the floor did not have firing pin in them, so it is not the best estimate.