Friday, May 18, 2012

Heizer DoubleTap update

Heizer Firearms decided to update the much talked about pistol and that caused delay in production. Changes made are,

Revision 8 Production Model Improvements and Enhancements:

  • Front and rear low profile no snag sights
  • Melanite finish on stainless steel barrel assemblies Rockwell 65
  • Mil-Std CeraKote finish on Titanium frames and Hard Anodizing on Aluminum
  • Lanyard pin on rear of grip
  • Serrations on the trap door compartment
  • A stronger needle bearing instead of ball bearing in the double action trigger system
  • A channel machined into the spare round compartment to secure rounds
  • Squared off the front of the 1911 style trigger for better ergonomics
  • Enlarged the HD pattern on the integral grips for more texture
  • Enlarged the rear palm swell area of the frame to reduce recoil climb
  • Simplified the ejector system for reliability
  • Engineered a “safe” hammer position to enhance safety

From: Shooting Illustrated

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  1. Wow! Thank you for the in depth Release 8 info and video! You have answered many of my questions! The coating on titanium vs aluminum was one. The ejector was another. The rest was just plain good updates!