Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chris Costa signature series from Nighthawk Tactical

Chris Costa collaborated with Nighthawk Tactical to create his signature series. Full size tactical model(Costa Recon) and a compact model(Costa Compact) will be offered.

No words on when the pistols will be on the market, or how much it will be(north of $3000 is what I've heard), but Nighthawk Tactical's reputation has been solid and while it may not be cheap, it certainly is worth every penny.

There are times when you hold a good gun, you know it is a good solid gun, and this was definitely it.

When I held the full size version, fiber optic sight in front combined with Jardine Tactical Hook made sight acquisition a breeze. Nighthawk's description says trigger is a Match trigger, and like any other well made 1911s, it had a crisp break. However, it was my (uneducated) impression that the trigger was not for competition only, but for self-defense too. Trigger pull was not ridiculously light, but enough to satisfy those who want to consider using this for protection. My guess is that it is just a hair above 4 lbs. It also has a rail so you can attach tactical lights as needed.

Costa Compact was built with defense in mind, and comes with tritium front sight and Heinie Slant Pro rear sight. The main spring housing and magwell are actually one piece and it was one of features I immediately noticed when I first saw the gun.

Both Costa Recon and Compact fancy grip with cutout near the magazine release, which definitely would help with magazine release for anyone with small hands. It may not work for left hand shooters, but for right hand shooters, it seems like a good idea.

Chris Costa mentioned that he wanted to put as much features he likes in to the two guns. It also has Costa Ludus logo on the right side of the pistol.

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