Tuesday, October 11, 2011

US dominates IPSC World Shoot

Congratulations to Max Michel and his U.S. Open Division teammates JJ Racaza, Kamille Eusibio, Chris Tilley. They won the IPSC World Shoot in open division.
From: Sig Sauer Inc. Facebook

US teams dominated the competition, winning Standard overall, Production overall, Modified overall, Revolver overall, and Lady's open and standard division.


Jerry Miculek(Revolver, revolver senior, shoot off)
Rob Leatham(Modified, modified senior, shoot off)
K.C. Eusebio(Open, shoot off)

Production overall: Robert Vogel

Standard Junior: Matthew Sweeney
Standard Lady: Randi Rogers
Standard Overall: Blake Miguez

Open Junior: Shane Coley

Jerry Miculek and Rob Leatham also got the Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Congratulations to winners!

From: IPSC World Shoot Facebook